Personal Photographer

If you have your own photographer, you will need to purchase this add-on. Extra time (20 minutes) is always required, and this surcharge can be added to any of our packages.


Extra Photos

Additional photos (set of 10) can be added to any of our packages. You can add more digital photos in sets of 10. If you love the photos we’ve taken and can’t decide based of the amount your package provides, it’s easy to add some more!


Vows by Candlelight

For any ceremony taking place inside the chapel, this add-on is for you.
Let us light the entire chapel with candles – very romantic addition to any ceremony.



If it’s just the two of you, Elope Georgian Bay will provide you with the legally required two witnesses.


(cash payment day of ceremony required)

Unity Sand Ceremony

This beautiful and simple ceremony addition signifies the joining of two families. In the same way the grains of sand can never be separated, so too shall be your lives. Each person will pour a different colour of sand into one vase, signifying when two become one.


Ceremony Video

Don’t miss a moment of your special day. From your arrival at Elope Georgian Bay, to the ceremony, and every romantic moment in between, let us capture it all on video. We will edit the video and set to music, and ship it right to your door (shipping charges included).


Announcement Video

Looking for the perfect way to announce to the world you’ve tied the knot? The announcement video add-on is the perfect way to say “it’s official” to your friends and family. This quick video using your phone(s) can be sent immediately and is the perfect way to announce you did it!


Rose Petals Down the Aisle

Add a little romance to your walk down the aisle. We will line your walkway with dozens of rose petals. We’ll need at least 10 days to plan for this add on, so please plan accordingly. We will also try to get you the colour of your choice; however we can’t guarantee availability.


It’s Going to be Perfect!

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