Skyrocketing costs of weddings and why many couples are choosing smaller more intimate weddings and unique venues.

Getting engaged is one of the most exciting moments in life!  Now you have the complicated job of deciding how to create your ideal wedding day. There are so many questions regarding  location, food venues, and of course the cost. Planning a wedding can become very stressful to try to please everyone for your special day. According to Better Business Bureau, the average cost for a Canadian wedding is $30,717.  The largest portion of the cost of the wedding was the cost of the venue which is an estimate of $11,046. One-third of the fee is just the venue! Many people are deciding to elope,  so they do not have to worry about the major cost of a wedding. However, eloping itself has evolved in amazing ways over the years. Eloping allows you to have a stress-free wedding on a smaller scale, in a unique setting with all the beauty of a traditional/contemporary wedding minus the elaborate details that overwhelm many brides and grooms “to be”. You will not have to worry about the cost of flowers and decorations to decorate the venue. Eloping allows you to be able to just focus on each other (and possibly including a few family and friends if you like). The money saved from not having a large wedding can go into your honeymoon or even your first home together.A serene getaway is a perfect backdrop for a rustic marriage. Elope Georgian Bay (www.elopegeorgianbay) is a swoon-worthy getaway only 2 hours north of Toronto. The forest and meadow setting of our location creates a blissful, tranquil and gorgeous escape.We offer many affordable and special  packages that can cater to your unique day. Make your day stress free and focus on making memories together instead.

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